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25 things better than anything else in this duniya.

1. Your first kiss.
2. A really deep breath.
3. A near death experience in which U discover that there is something on the other side.
4. Feeling smart,funny,beautiful-all at the same time.
5. Getting a job U really want.
6. Quitting a job U really hate.
7. Doing the thing that's always fascinated, but terrified U.
8. Finding out that u'r girl friend,the one U still dream about,has been dreaming about U all these years.
9. Quitting smoking.
10. Testing -ve for HIV.
11. Finding out that the man she left U for has left her.
12. A hot fudge sundae-the best combn. of hot & cold.
13. Wearing oversized flannels while eating burgers and watching a video.
14. Being nineteen and having a life full of fun.
15. A shampoo and scalp massage followed by a great haircut.
16. The song of Solomon.
17. Pasty clines 'Crazy',Celines 'My Heart' and any of Bryan's.
18. Turning on the new computer U have spent hours setting up and hear it hum.
19. That moment in the middle of the presentation U have spent weeks preparing, when U realise that U have them right in the palm of u'r hand.
20. Cappucaino. At the side walk cafe with just someone special named...
21. Discovering that U didnt have anything stuck between u'r teeth at all.
22. Reaching into a pack of discount packing and pulling out a perfect Raymond suit - in u'r size.
23. Dancing with the right person to AR's.....
24. Your grandma's pot roast.
25. LOVE.